Child Custody And Visitation Lawyers In Rockville

No divorce issue generates more anxiety than child custody. As loving parents, both spouses will want to ensure they continue to spend as much time as possible with their children. Once you understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a parent, however, you’ll probably find that you can reach a mutually acceptable resolution with the other parent on matters of custody and access to your children.

At Bromberg Rosenthal LLC, our attorneys are fully committed to helping parents achieve stable and secure relationships with their children after divorce, most often through negotiation but sometimes in family court. We understand the concerns faced by divorcing parents and will offer compassionate guidance through this challenging process.

Contact us in Rockville to learn how a thorough understanding of the way the law regarding child custody and parenting time issues can help you develop and achieve practical objectives for yourself and your children. We offer comprehensive client service on the full range of parent-child issues in Maryland and Washington, D.C., divorce: primary physical custody, visitation schedules, grandparents’ rights or parental fitness issues related to mental illness or substance abuse.

Pennsylvania Law Puts Children First

No matter what specific aspect of child custody or parenting time is likely to present obstacles in your situation, you should be aware that the best interest of the child will be the paramount consideration that guides a judge’s decision when disputes go to court. Because it can be hard to predict how a judge will view a child’s best interest under a given set of facts, most parents will achieve their objectives and avoid uncertainty through focused negotiations that take full account of the circumstances of your family’s characteristics and needs. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and use our extensive knowledge and decades of experience to guide you through the negotiation process.

Parental Fitness Disputes

Although the law presumes that frequent and regular contact with both parents will be in a child’s best interests, it often develops that one parent will try to restrict or eliminate the other’s right of custody or unsupervised visitation, based on allegations that might prove to be well-founded, exaggerated or entirely fabricated, as the case may be.

This creates a tense, difficult situation for all involved: It is, in many ways, the worst-case scenario in terms of negotiating an agreement. We work with clients on either side of parental fitness disputes to ensure that the best interests of the child are reconciled to the greatest extent possible with the parent’s objectives.

Dependable Advice About Child Custody And Visitation

As well as representing divorcing parents on child custody and visitation issues, we also advise clients about modifying or enforcing custody or visitation interests after the divorce is final. As your children grow and your circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify your initial agreement. It is a good idea to obtain a court-ordered modification before changing your custody arrangements in practice — particularly if your relationship with your spouse is strained.

Our Rockville child custody attorneys can also advise unmarried parents about these issues in a paternity case or after a determination of paternity. It can be difficult, but not impossible, for an unwed father to win custody — so it is worthwhile to consult with an experienced attorney.

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Whether your child custody problems can be resolved through agreement or will require determination by a judge, the Rockville family lawyers of Bromberg Rosenthal LLC can explain your options and protect your interests. Contact us by email, or call 301-251-6200 for additional information.