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A Versatile And Experienced Law Firm In Rockville

At Bromberg Rosenthal LLC, we are committed to providing individuals and businesses in Rockville, Maryland, and surrounding areas with dependable, efficient and integrated legal counsel. Because our seven attorneys cover such a broad variety of legal problems so effectively, many clients find that we're the only firm they need to cover the full range of their company or family's needs.

Sound Advice in Real Estate, Family Law and Business Law

As a firm, we pool a diverse range of skill, knowledge and talent to provide our clients with wide-ranging transactional experience. Some of our attorneys concentrate on specific areas of the law, including construction law, personal injury, Social Security Disability, residential and commercial real estate, and estate planning. By having teams of attorneys working in a variety of legal specialties, we can provide comprehensive legal representation that can effectively meet our clients' various legal needs.

Relationships Matter to Us

Many of our clients understand the value of an established and continuing relationship with the lawyers they depend on. We understand that the better we know our clients, the more efficiently and effectively we can meet their legal needs. Whether we are handling a family law case with ongoing child custody issues or a business law matter with continuing contract or litigation issues, we provide knowledgeable and farsighted counsel based on a deep familiarity with our clients' legal needs and goals.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers in Business, Divorce and Personal Injury Litigation

Our lawyers are admitted to practice before all local and state courts in Maryland and Washington, D.C. as well as all Federal courts. Our attorneys are skilled litigators with a strong record of success in the courtroom. And while we prepare every case for trial, we look for ways to turn our trial preparation into settlement leverage that can save our client the expense and uncertainty of presenting the case to a jury or judge.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice before all local and state courts in Maryland and Washington, D.C. as well as all federal courts, including the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in all of the jurisdictions we serve. Our ability to apply interdisciplinary legal experience to client needs of many kinds can make a significant difference to both the process and the result for both business and consumer clients.

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